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A spice lovingly and naturally grown with no pesticides or herbicides by Natural Path Farms.

Our saffron is available for the individual gourmet cook and commercial epicurean chefs to purchase online or at local farmers’ markets and selected shops in and around Hood River, Oregon.

Each flower of the crocus sativus plant is gently hand-picked first thing every morning during the fall blooming season and brought inside.  Immediately after that, every stamen is carefully removed with tweezers and air dried while protected from breezes or contaminates.  Once completely dry, the stamens are weighed on a jeweler’s scale, accurate to the .001 gram, and then placed in the glass vial to be sold.  We never sell our saffron crushed which is, many times, a ruse for adding turmeric or other less expensive fillers.

Our website is brand new and we continue to expand it.

We welcome ideas and suggestions.  Please bookmark our site for ordering more saffron or seeing new recipes as they become available.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us:  spice@gourmetsaffron.com